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How should I pay and what are the payment methods?:: FAQs by Best Packers and Movers Company

According to all Packers and Movers Companies policy, you have to complete the amount before your luggage is unloaded at the destination point. You can pay Best Packers and Movers through cash, check, NEFT, and RTGS. And nowadays we also accept credit card and UPI servers such as Google Pay, PhonePe, and BHIM, etc.  You can even PrePond your loading and charges for them are extra for whatever time you take in loading. If you are choosing our complete services then you will get free loading and unloading. If you are a company employee and your company is paying on behalf of you then we can arrange the bills in the name of your employer also. We try to make your situation better. You just need to ask us for any information or requirements. If you want to choose any options like credit card and not informed before then it will cause a misunderstanding later.

What is an Inventory?:: FAQs by Best Packers and Movers Company

Our team always makes an inventory list under the supervision of the driver. It includes every item which is on the list. This inventory list also has a column for conditions of different items either it is new or good or it is damaged.

How to handle inventory list.

If you think there is a mistake about any item’s condition or any other item is missing from the list; then ask the team to correct it before leaving. Best packers and movers always try to use short forms while writing on the box; you should directly ask them for forms like its PBO for Packed by Owner. If a box is packed by the owner then in inventory. This box’s item can’t be listed this box will simply be listed as one box.

Codes of Packing terms

Some Packers and Movers Company don’t use item’s condition directly in their lists. They try to fool you with some kind of code; like it can be 1111 for ok or it can be 0000 for damaged . But they must elaborate on the last of the list no problem even it is too small to read. For example, SC means scratched; C means chipped; the number 3 refers to the right side of the piece, and 8 refers to the top of the piece.

This list will help you once they start to unload your luggage; you can check every item is there and not damaged. If any damage occurs while loading or unloading; then you can check its code from the list and make sure it is properly written. This is the only point that will help you in the claim; no bill is going to help you if on the inventory list it is not mentioned.

If you are thinking to keep this inventory in lockers; then you are wrong you have to carry this inventory list at the destination point.

Our team is very careful about handling your items and luggage, It is their responsibilities. And we have done so many relocations without any damage. You can call us any time if you need any help you can even contact us by messaging us.

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